Our History

«Anagnostopoulos & Associates» Law Office was founded in 1975 by Alkis Nik. Anagnostopoulos, Lawyer – Professor of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Patra-Greece. He had a strong presence in court litigation almost throughout Greece, representing significant clients and dealing with major legal cases. He had an academic career for over 40 years, he was the writer of legal books and as a Professor his main teaching legal areas were Commercial, Administrative and Constitutional Law.

His successor Nikos Alk. Anagnostopoulos, Supreme Court Lawyer with postgraduate degrees in «Banking & Finance Law» at U.C.L. University in London, as well as in «European & International Law» at Metrpolitan University in London, took over utilizing his experience from his studies and living in England for almost 8 years and continues the operation of «Anagnostopoulos & Associates» Law Office in the same principles for which it has been renowned.

Throughout our history we have built a strong reputation as a Law Office, struggling to achieve the best results for our clients, while having our main objective to build a confident relationship with them.

Our Philosophy

The key elements that distinguish us are:

PASSION … for the legal cases we undertake

HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY … are the main ingredients in our relationship with our clients.

CONSISTENCY … Each case is important and unique to every client so we are dealing with it consistently.

INSTANT AND CONTINUOUS UPDATE … of our clients’ case progress at every stage.

CONFIDENCE … We want to be your «Personal Lawyer». We believe in a relationship of trust and duration with our clients and we invest in it.

All the above contribute to the enhancement of the professionalism of our Office and lead to the best legal representation of our clients.

We treat every new case as an opportunity to become even better.

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Our Clients

Our Office represents our clients in their cases before the courts, but also give advice on extrajudicial level in specialised areas of law.

The experience of our presence abroad (London, England) for nearly eight years, is an important factor to deal with our clients located abroad with the most appropriate way, knowing their culture, mentality and their particular needs.

Our ability to remain focused on our clients’ interests is a success for us, while the policy of our Office is the continuous protection of our clients’ legal rights.

We do not treat our clients as numbers, but we seek to build a confident and true relationship that lasts.

Our clients come to us because they want lawyers who are easily and directly accessible and able to provide expert advice on their legal issues.

Our clients keep collaborate with us for long because we build lasting relationships with them and we are committed to support them whenever they need us.

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Our main advantage in comparison with a large law firm is flexibility in many areas. Law firms follow bureaucratic and lengthy procedures. We don’t. Large law firms have formal relationships with their clients. We don’t.

This is why our clients insist on choosing us for their legal cases. It is not only the quality of the legal services that our clients receive, but also the fact that they are constantly informed for every stage of their case.

… Is that we keep up with the new technology and we use it in a wide range, i.e. for legal case support and research and also to constantly inform our clients for their case progress.

The high quality of our legal services, our emphasis on the appropriate strategy-planning and the fact that our clients are informed with continuous updates (email, text messaging-SMS, meetings via Skype, telephone) ensure our reliability.

Our Law Office is proud of the effective methods it use. As a natural consequence of all the above our clients always stay happy with the services we offer. This is because we provide them the ideal results for them, remaining stable in what we have agreed with them!

We follow today’s technology in all areas, while we use all available technological tools to provide our clients the best possible result in the implementation of law practice.

Our Goals

Nowadays, the explosion of technology and the Internet, sets no borders in the law sector as well.

We choose carefully our Office’s associates and we have a network of legal associates in all major cities of Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Ionian Islands, Cyclades Islands, etc.) as well as abroad. This is why we are always able to process the cases we undertake consistently.

We provide high quality legal services to our clients.

Being a Law Office that respects itself, we could not stay back of the latest developments that influence the legal profession as well.

We are moving forward following the developments with extroversion, while we preserve the main principles that our Office follows for over 40 years.

We design the strategy for your case with you, we care about your effective representation and we always give our best to achieve the best results for you.

All the above give us a significant competitive advantage.

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