There is a large number of Greeks living and working abroad. However, they always maintain emotional and material relations with our homeland Greece. With that in mind, our Office collaborates with many Greeks living abroad, as well as any resident living abroad (Europe, America, Australia etc.), who has any type of case in Greece.

We provide expertise services and we give the best solution to any problem that may arise when you are dealing with public or private authorities throughout Greece.

Our goal is to become your ‘Personal Lawyer’ for your private and public legal matters in Greece. Distance cannot be an obstacle, because the technological means we use through our website and not only, make communication with our clients easier than ever.

We undoubtedly have all these characteristics, which will make you trust us! We are confident about it and we can prove it! Do not waste time and contact us.

Our services are the following:

Our Office represents you before any public and private authority in Greece. arrow_tabs

Because of their Greek nationality, many expatriates have relatives residing permanently in Greece, as well as property assets in Greek territory. arrow_tabs

Cases involving your family are always a sensitive issue, especially when underage children are involved. arrow_tabs

If you live abroad permanently or not, your assets’ management in Greece is certainly a very important and difficult matter. arrow_tabs

Our Office can resolve any financial issue you have in Greece. arrow_tabs

If you have already a property in Greece or you wish to buy a new one, you will have to transact with the Greek Land Registry Office. arrow_tabs

If you wish to retire in Greece, our Office can complete the process before the Greek authorities on your behalf. arrow_tabs

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