Our expertise in banking and finance sector and also our collaboration with Greece’s major banking institutions, has given us the appropriate experience to develop banking and finance as one of our Office’s main areas of services.

Particularly, due to the past few years’ economic uncertainty, even more clients as well as companies, seek our legal help to sort out their financial issues.

Our Office provides legal services and consultation relating to:

Whether you are the lender or the debtor, our Office can help you solve any problem you may face regarding to your loan. arrow_tabs

Whether operating in Greece or abroad you will certainly have faced issues relating to deposits and accounts. Issues may arise either in personal or corporate transactions. arrow_tabs

It is well known that Greece has been struggling with recession the past few years. That has unfortunately led to a constant ‘chase’ of creditors against debtors. arrow_tabs

Electronic banking is extremely convenient and easy to use, but it also runs several risks especially if you use it without legal support. arrow_tabs

Our Office has handled a significant number of cases relating to economic crimes. arrow_tabs


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