While start-up companies (start-ups) are fairly developed abroad, in Greece they are still in their infancy, having nonetheless great prospects of development.

Our Office, by following international standards and through the expertise of our associates can guide you throughout the process of formation and growth of your own start-up business.

The process of setting up a start-up company is certainly exciting. But it also needs for you to take important decisions, which are crucial for the future development of your business. arrow_tabs

A fundamental prerequisite for the development of start-ups is funding. This funding may come from either public or private entities, or a combination of multiple agencies and support programs. arrow_tabs

Start-ups are characterised by their innovative spirit as well as their rapid development. Some would even say that start-ups are created with the intention of immediate development. arrow_tabs

As exciting may be the conception of an innovative idea and its transformation in business, it can prove equally destructive when it lacks a sound legal basis. arrow_tabs


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