Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

The explosion of social networks during the past decade has caused a major change in the way we all conduct our affairs. Businesses will have to adapt new ways of communication with their clients. Hundreds or even thousands of applications are appearing in social networks.

Therefore new legal issues arising from the use of social networks can lead to serious problems, especially for a new company. In order you and your business can benefit from the social networks phenomenon, it is important to take the appropriate measures to maximise the benefits out of them.

Meanwhile, if you are an individual you have to adapt to the use of social networks and to deal with potential consequences that may arise e.g. from the use of social networks at work or breaches of your privacy.

We give you fast and effective legal advice regarding any legal issue that may arise from the use of social networks, such as:

  • Defamation
  • Posts with offensive content
  • Photo-posting without the consent of all users
  • Intimidation and threats (Cyber-bullying)
  • Terms of use(Cyber-bullying)

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