The tourism industry covers a wide range of private and business relations and transactions. Arguably, in the context of these transactions there are often encountered significant problems, especially when several countries and different nationality persons are involved.

Our Office undertakes any case that may arise in the context of the above transactions. In particular, we provide the following legal services:

We offer a set of services aimed exclusively at hotels and tourism establishments.arrow_tabs

If your company operates in the tourism sector, this requires cooperation of a large number of companies and individuals. arrow_tabs

Travel agencies and tour operators deal with a large number of customers on a daily basis. Arguably, in the context of your daily transactions, you often encounter legal problems and difficulties. arrow_tabs

Greek legislation provides a strong protection grid for travellers/consumers. However you should know your rights and obligations in order to protect yourselves from any problem you may face as well as from unnecessary hassle. arrow_tabs


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