Services to travellers-customers

Greek legislation provides a strong protection grid for travellers/consumers. However you should know your rights and obligations in order to protect yourselves from any problem you may face as well as from unnecessary hassle.

Contact us for legal consultation in order to solve every issue that you may encounter during your trip such as:

  1. Personal injury during traveling and staying abroad as well as compensation
  2. Travel insurance
  3. Contracts with car and yacht rental agencies
  4. Consumer protection
  5. International claims
  6. Compensation for hotel and accommodation booking errors
  7. Legal protection and legal advice on the rights and obligations regarding to their relation with any third party.
  8. Passenger claims (airplanes, ships, yachts)
  9. Disputes between agencies, tour operators, airlines, shipping lines and consumers
  10. Protection of interests in disputes with third parties

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